Thanks for the wonderful job you did!

Hi Lisa, <br><br>This is Cathy, Tom’s sister in PA. I just can’t thank you enough for all that you did to help Tom with the sale of his house! This was such a huge step for him and not without worry and lots of questions. From the first day he met you, he felt very much at ease and was so impressed with your professionalism and market knowledge. I was confident because Barb is so great and I knew she would only recommend someone she felt comfortable with 😊

As much as I tried to help and advise from long distance, it was difficult for Tom being alone. So I am very grateful for all of the extra care you took to guide him through the whole process.

I am totally amazed that he was so fortunate to get the cash sale and to be able to stay there until April! It could not have worked out any better!

So again, my heartfelt thanks for the wonderful job you did! I’m very grateful that you got Tom through all of this. Enjoy your weekend.


Jill was better than I ever imagined

Jill was better than I ever imagined. Initially, we only worked with Jill Remotely and had never met, as she was referred by some friends. Every interaction, meeting, and calls have met or exceeded my expectations. Her honesty and demeanor are always professional, helpful, and friendly. Even though we sometimes did not have complete focus on exactly what we wanted Jill was patient and helpful every step of the way. As we shifted focus Jill just tracked with our needs and patiently yet swiftly helped us to a beautiful result. After the sale, Jill has not let up and is always available to answer questions and provide assistance as we set up our new home. Anyone would do well to have Jill as their agent."